Making Money Selling Feet Pictures as a Student

Yes, you can make money selling feet pictures as a student, thanks to many people who have a foot fetish. These men (and even women) are paying big money just for pictures and videos of feet.

Even students can definitely get involved and can sell feet Pictures to make money. There are different places to sell them and these include different classified ads websites.

Selling your feet pictures on classified ads websites is not that difficult. You simply need to apply the needed techniques to succeed with them.

Classified websites connect buyers and sellers locally, and so if you want to sell those feet pictures to customers in your locality directly then you should sign up with any of them.

All such ads websites operate in a similar fashion. Nevertheless, there are techniques that work best for each.

Keep reading to learn how you can succeed with selling your feet pictures as a student using classified ads sites listed below.


students selling feet pictures for money


Demand for Feet pictures

First off, feet pictures are becoming popular in the marketplace. There is a market for this type of picture.

The people that buy feet pictures today include foot fetishists, companies that are advertising their shoes, jewelry, health care, and beauty products.

Other buyers are movie producers and lifestyle magazines that want attractive feet pictures to grace their magazine cover.

Bloggers and website designers also buy feet pictures to complement the articles, videos and other content they share online.

Most of these buyers can browse through classified ads sites like those discussed below.


Selling feet pictures as a Student on AdsglobeĀ 

Adsglobe is a classified website where you can sell items and services under different categories like Merchandise, Autos, Real Estate, Rentals, Pets, Travels, Jobs, Personals, Classes, community, Events, Services and so on.

If you want to sell feet pictures on this platform, then you should sign up and post your pictures under the merchandise section. You can utilize the features of this platform to promote your ads.

You can emphasize your ads with the advanced text editor, images, video, etc. in any of the ads zones of the Adsglobe.

Posting ads on this platform is free, and you can remain anonymous and allow potential customers to contact you through Adsglobe.

Adsglobe is a one-stop advertising gateway for individuals and businesses alike – C2C, B2C or B2B Advertising on a single platform.

Click here to start selling your feet pictures on Adsglobe.


Selling student feet pictures on is another free classified ads website. It can be used to buy and sell items and services locally.

The popular categories of this platform include vehicles, rent, pets, Personals, Items for sale, services, Real estate, Jobs, community.

If you would like to sell your feet pictures on this site then you need to sign up for free. You can then create your free ads using the “Post an Ad” button. The platform will guide you step-by-step on how you are going to post and advertise your feet pictures.

Since you are selling feet pictures, you may want to post the pictures through the “Personals” category.

Click here to start selling feet pictures on


Selling your feet pics on Craigslist

Craigslist is one of the best-classified ads websites around. It operates in different countries. Many items and services are traded on this site.

The main categories of this platform include Community, housing, Jobs, and discussion forums, for sale, services, and gigs/resumes.

If you have feet pictures to sell on Craigslist, then you can sign up post your pictures in the right section.

You can sell your feet pictures by advertising them on the “For Sale” section of the website.

Click here to post and start selling feet pictures on Craigslist



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